You have everything. And something is missing.

You know deep down that there is more to life.
You’re done being lived by life and are ready to start LIVING life.
You desire a change.
You’re living an amazing life, and you feel there is something missing.
You can see your dream life before your eyes, but reality feels so differently.
You’re wondering what’s wrong with you, why you’re not feeling more happy and when you’ll be satisfied.

I feel you

Is this you?

  • You are driven, conscious, goal-oriented, but you wonder if there is more to life.
  • You desire to create the life of your dreams and stop placing the needs of others (or work) before your own.
  • You are a people pleaser and want to put yourself first.
  • You’re smart, but sometimes overthink things.
  • You are done doing things because they are the norm and want to live more authentically.
  • You want to break free and rebel.
  • You want to integrate more me time, play and creativity in your daily life.

What are you waiting for?

Stop searching outside of yourself!
You’ve probably heard the saying: all the answers are already inside of you.
It’s time to listen to yourself and act upon it.
No more excuses.

You’ve got all the answers already, but you’re probably hiding behind the excuse that you need time before <fill in the blank>
Or you’re thinking you’re not ready yet and you have to <fill in the blank> first before <fill in the blank>
You’re searching for inspiration online, in magazines, in books, trainings? You’ve gathered so much knowledge, but you’re not embodying it yet…

Isn’t it time to start embodying your desires?
To start trusting you feelings, intuition and your body?

It’s TIME to go DEEP

Let’s go on an artistic journey through your inner world. You’ll be guided to connect to your authentic self by sparking your playful side and dropping into your body.

You’ll discover what messages art has to offer you.

So if you desire to:

  • Find clarity on your purpose
  • Bring more fun into your daily life
  • Reawaken your inner child and play
  • FEEL

We’ll go on a journey together using art in many different ways

looking at existing art pieces

Hasse Cox - teken coach

creating some art

Hasse Cox - coach

use ourselves as artwork

Hasse Cox - coach

In other words, we’ll get down and dirty with ART!

Curious if this is for you?

I’ve set up some questions for you to see if we’re this is the best step for you.

No risk involeved ;)

By Hasse Cox


Hasse driven by the desire to create playful creative experiences. She works with brave souls who desire to evoke their inner creative rebel.

Guiding you towards a stronger connection to fun and play by using all forms of art, in all possible ways. Empowering you to reclaim yoour childlike curiosity and break free from the norms of society.

Hasse is a lively, enthusiastic and playful guide, with a strong belief in a lifelong learning, Hasse is always listening and observing. Creating a warm and safe environment to experience, learn and rebel.

Are you ready for more?

Since you’ve come this far, I think you’re curious about what I can do for you.

So why not take a leap of faith and reach out?!

Hasse Cox