Creative Clarity

Everything you’re looking for is already within you. However, we constantly look outside of ourselves for answers….

Finding inner clarity

Clarity sessions are designed to make your subconscious conscious! To show you what’s inside of you. I love to use art and body work to reveal the whispers of your body and soul.

Clarity is a feeling. It brings peace and calm over your body. The feeling of a deep inner knowing this is your truth.

So, if you’re feeling stuck or like you’ve plateaud. Your life is fine…. but you desire more and you do’t know what that ‘more’ is. This is for you!

In a clarity session we’ll have fun and play till you see the answer in front of you. I like to see it as a scavenger hunt!

If this turns you on and you feel curious, I’d love to take you on a journey.

By Hasse Cox


Hasse driven by the desire to create playful creative experiences. She works with brave souls who desire to evoke their inner creative rebel.

Guiding you towards a stronger connection to fun and play by using all forms of art, in all possible ways. Empowering you to reclaim yoour childlike curiosity and break free from the norms of society.

Hasse is a lively, enthusiastic and playful guide, with a strong belief in a lifelong learning, Hasse is always listening and observing. Creating a warm and safe environment to experience, learn and rebel.

Are you ready for more?

Since you’ve come this far, I think you’re curious about what I can do for you.

So why not take a leap of faith and reach out?!

Hasse Cox