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Experiences devoted to life. Art in all its facets.
We work with powerful creative and playful tools to bring out the fullness of your being. 
We go beyond what you think, so you can feel what’s truly alive for you.
We live life to the fullest.


Hasse Cox - coaching


One-time creative session for the ones who long to get clarity on their perspective. A clear mirror of what’s alive in your subconscious. Sometimes the mind is too clever for our own good. By using creative techniques we give the subconscious a voice.

This session is a great opportunity to get to know our way of working.

Hasse Cox - coaching


In-depth 1:1 program for conscious entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs who want to connect more deeply to their authentic selves. You get to reclaim who you are, recover from people pleasing and let go of control.

This program is great for smart minds who desire to feel more (deeply).

Hasse Cox - coaching


Online program to see things from a different perspective.

– Coming soon –

By Hasse Cox


Hasse driven by the desire to create playful creative experiences. She works with brave souls who desire to evoke their inner creative rebel.

Guiding you towards a stronger connection to fun and play by using all forms of art, in all possible ways. Empowering you to reclaim yoour childlike curiosity and break free from the norms of society.

Hasse is a lively, enthusiastic and playful guide, with a strong belief in a lifelong learning, Hasse is always listening and observing. Creating a warm and safe environment to experience, learn and rebel.

Become the ARTIST, the MUSE and the ART of your LIFE

ART thee ready?

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